August Management Newsletter 2014

The weather has warmed up – Ekka is here and the winds are blowing all the winter leaves away.  This s a lovely time of year weather wise.  The days are getting longer and the middle part warmer.  The children are starting to take their shoes off again and rid themselves of jumpers and bare up their legs to the winter sun.  Outdoor play is truly pleasant at this time.  We are very lucky is this part of the world that our children enjoy such a large portion of their day/year comfortably playing outdoors.  Outdoor play for young children should make up at least half of their play time in any given day – and we have the conditions to support this.

Wishing you all a great month as we head toward the warmer months.  If you are able to take the opportunity and have an enormous amount of patience – enjoy the Ekka.

Cheers Letitia

2015 Bookings

We are about to recommence the re enrolments for 2015.  After many years, some consideration and experience with the children at Mollys. We have decided that for the betterment of the children settling and establishing and maintenance of relationships with peers and educators we are establishing (where bookings will allow) a 2 day per week minimum.   Not only does this support the development of relationships but also the flow on benefits of involvement and contribution to the program from the child is heightened.  Re – enrolment forms will be issued to all families next month.

Closure Over Christmas

Dates we plan to close for over Christmas are 25th – 4 January 2015 Inclusive.  Reopening for the New Year on Monday 5 January where normal fees will apply.

Fees are not charged over the period of closure.  Should you have any problems with care over this period – please advise us ASAP.



It has come to our attention that sunscreen has been somewhat missed in the morning arrival routine.  Please ensure you child is sunscreens each morning regardless of season or weather as we live “above the boarder” and it is therefore recommended by the ECA, NQF and Cancer Council recommendations that children are sun screened.

Arrivals and Departures – Protocol

Whilst we love to maintain a very relaxed and casual homely feel at Mollys House and we love the fact that children and families feel this way in and around the centre.  It is imperative that the correct protocol for the safety and wellbeing of all children concerned is maintained – therefore we do not permit older siblings of children to “drop off”, “collect” or “sign children in or out” and that parents/guardians advise staff that they are taking a child home upon collection.  Many thanks in anticipation of this being supported.


Jeanie is heading off shortly on a wonderful trip to visit her daughter in the USA as well as take in a visit to The Boulder Journey School – a wonderful leading Reggio centre in the USA.  I know we will truly benefit as a centre from her experience over there and I look forward to hearing about her travels.

Donna is taking sometime soon and heading to Sydney for a girlie holiday with her daughter – nice to do when you have teenage girls.

For the rest of us – we are all on deck!!!

Government Unrest In The Early Childhood Sector

There is a lot of unrest across many aspects of the EARLY CHILLD SECTOR at present both with policy and funding. Nothing is set in cement at the moment but we are keeping abreast of what is happening in relation to a)Kindy Funding and continuation of the program b)CCB and CCR merging and being means tested c)proposed “watering down” in Early Childhood qualifications for Educators caring for children under 3 years.  d) In home care funding allocation.  We will keep you informed

CCR – under the current system families are offered (regardless of income) $7500 per annum to assist with the cost in childcare.  This can be issued on a weekly basis to the centre or received to you directly.  The reinstatement of the top up or $7500 came about on July 1 2014.  Many families prior to 1 July experienced a cessation of this funding and therefore an unexpected a spike in weekly fee payment outlay resulted.  At this stage under Government policy It is the parents responsibility to manage this funding allocation and be aware of when this is “used up” so not to incur ongoing increasing fees.  The Government does not seem to implement any “warning system” or “year to date” usage.  Based around your feedback we are recommending to our Software provider that this type of system be installed on your billing for better tracking.

Nutrition and Your Child’s Teeth

This last week has been Dental Week – and the children have been focusing on caring for their teeth both in the short and long term.  There has been Dentists set up as home corner play.  We have had many discussions about caring for teeth – what the tooth fairy does with our teeth (“builds airy houses” “plants stars in the sky”) and talk about what foods are/not conducive to good teeth as well as a visit and show bag from a local Dentist.

Parents are encouraged to be aware of the high sugar/salt content of foods that – put simply sits on our children’s teeth and rots them.  South East Queensland has one of the highest per capita of young child tooth decay – with many reasons contributed to the lack of fluoride in our water but also to the foods we eat.

Here are some tooth friendly tips with diet:-

FRUITS AND VEGES – eat lots of.  Limit dried fruits, bananas as they have high concentrations of sugar

HARD CHEESE is great and stimulates saliva  

Buy foods that are sugar frees or unsweetened

Avoid all cordial, soft drink, juice.

Never put your child to bed with a bottle

Rinse mouths after meals or have water with meal

Avoid any “sticky” “chewy foods” – these types of food are typically high in sugar, stick to the teeth and make it difficult for the saliva to wash away the sugar (fruit sticks)

Increase a source of calcium foods as they help to build strong teeth

Avoid all refined sweet/salty foods – biscuits, pretzels, chips, salted nuts

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