Since starting at Mollys House many years ago I know that I had found a place that feels right. The work that we all do with the children is amazing to say the least. The children are like extension of our own family. I would have loved to have more children but could not. I have always loved spending time with small children and teaching them all about the world. This love has taken me from a Certificate in Children’s Services to a Diploma in Children’s Services. This is what makes me happy, seeing the smiling faces of the child each day is what it is all about. I love the wonder into here eyes when for the first time the see a rainbow. I am able to share this joy with my work colleagues and appreciate that they have the same passion as I do. Teaching and watching them grow as competent being is a true pleasure and one I do not take for granted. How many people do you know that can say, at work today they got to dance, sing, cuddle, laugh, tickle and play? I can answer this question with a smile knowing that is what I do each day.